DRUM WORLD has spent over 25 years working with churches and praise and worship teams and understands the specific needs and problems concerning drums and drumming in a worship setting. DRUM WORLD owner, Mat Donaldson along with many of the instructors and staff have not only played in many churches and worship teams, but have taught praise and worship drumming seminars and clinics in a multitude of churches. Drumming in a worship setting is very important to us at DRUM WORLD and we understand it has to be approached differently than other types of playing and performance.

DRUM WORLD knows that each church organization has different needs, budgets, and concerns. That is why we offer a range of service packages from a one-time consultation to a weekly service maintenance call.

So whether you have issues with volume, sound reinforcement, tuning, microphones, sound shields, setup, or just simply needed the right drum equipment for the sanctuary, we have been there and we can help. (918) 270-DRUM