Have you ever had a new drum set or snare drum that you purchased online or from one of the big box stores that no matter how hard you tried to play it never felt or sounded quite right? The problem is usually an easy fix. Most stores never take the time to do a basic set up or tuning on their drums. At DRUM WORLD every instrument we put out on the showroom floor or ship to our customers has been checked for any factory defects, rims, lug, and tension rods have all been adjusted and aligned, heads have been tuned optimally, and then played to make sure every instrument we sell is set to maximum playability. We do all of this so that you can have the best experience with you new drums.
DRUM WORLD has experience working on all levels and types of drum equipment, no matter how old or new. Whether you need a snare tuned or a pedal adjusted or even just advice on you setup, we are here to help.
We are also an authorized service center for many of the brands we carry such as Pearl, Tama, Crush, and Mapex, to name a few.